Data Scale

Pail / Drum Fillers | Lid Press

Pail / Drum Fillers

Data Scale liquid filling equipment featuring precise net weight control and fully automatic operation without waste. Since 1973, Data Scale has specialized in providing end-to-end liquid packaging solutions that precisely fill everything from chewing gum to acids and from mortar to explosive liquids. Whether the application calls for a food-grade system, a clean room operation or a system to handle hazardous materials, Data Scale has the single source solution. With more than 30 models of liquid filling,  and material handling equipment, and hundreds of options, Data Scale has a proven solution for virtually every liquid filling requirement.

Data Scale equipment can handle liquid net weigh filling needs ranging from pints and quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails and on up to 55-gallon drum and IBC applications.

Lid Press

Data Scale lid placer/presses fit most applications requiring a lid to be placed and pressed onto a container. Manual lid press is totally pneumatic, and requires manual placing of the lid on container. Activation is with two-hand safety controls and includes height adjustment, floor mount stand, filter regulator and a 48” roller conveyor with speeds up to 6 containers per minute. The roll-thru lid press allows for true automation of the lid placing and pressing operation. Lids are automatically placed onto the containers (1-gal to 7-gal) just prior to going into the roll-thru system. This system is capable of up to 25 containers per minute.

As a single source solution, Data Scale can also provide lid presses, either in semi-auto (above) or automatic models, pail denesting equipment and conveyors to give a company a complete liquid filling packaging line.

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