HFFS Pouch Machinery

Effytec is a technology leading manufacture of horizontal form fill seal pouch machinery (HFFS), as well as premade pouch fill seal machines (HFS). With over 50 installations in North America, its applications and expertise are diversified among food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and special applications. Effytec has a wide range of machine models offering a wide range of pouch sizing and styles from small 3 side or 4 side seal sachets to jumbo size stand up pouches, offering optional recloseable zippers, recloseable caps or fitments, shaped pouches, gas flushing and other special features. Many features on Effytec are standard such as stainless steel sanitary design frames, dual reel unwind with auto film splice and a patented cam drive train. Pouch sizes can vary from as small as 1 wide x 1 tall up to 12 wide x 14 tall, with production speeds up to 360ppm depending on pouch application. Liquid and dry products can be packed as well as individual pieces or parts, and Effytec will integrate its own auger fillers, volumetric cup fillers, liquid positive displacement pumps or flowmeters, as well as custom design feed systems (for example, wet wipes). Or simply integrate another proven feed system such as a combination multi-head weigh scale system. The machine construction is robust, with a design that offers flexibility for quick changeovers for operations that need to run multiple size formats. The is a mechanical intermittent motion machine using a combination of mechanical and servo technology, and full servo motion in its fully continuous motion machine. Effytec prides itself on providing a quality product backed up by quality spare parts and customer support.


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