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X-Ray Systems

Anritsu X-Ray inspection systems provide solutions to contaminant detection that is not available from any other technology or supplier. Anritsu X-Ray technology automatically detects dense foreign materials to a level not seen by others within bulk or final packaged products. Detectable contaminants are metal, glass, stones, bones, rubber and some plastics. In addition, Anritsu technology automatically analyzes for under weight conditions, missing items, broken products and other packaging anomalies simultaneous to contaminant detection. With more than 5,500 installations, Anritsu x-ray systems are designed to provide the most accurate automatic contaminant detection and product integrity analysis solution the industry has to offer.

Anritsu x-ray systems can be used to detect misshapen, broken or missing product as well as metallic and non-metallic contaminants.


Anritsu’s checkweigher systems offer flexibility, accuracy and reliability throughout the wide range of checkweighing applications. Whether a customer is using a checkweigher to control a filler or scale to minimize product giveaway, to assure compliance with label weight regulations or just to eliminate consumer complaints with missing product(s), Anritsu has a system to fit the need. A wide variety of standard solutions are offered in both washdown and standard environmental applications. In achieving accuracies up to 0.02 grams at 3 sigma, these systems provide savings from minimizing give away. Modular design allows for superior documentation and overall system reliability not seen with customer design solutions, thus leading to overall savings by reducing maintenance costs. The tool-free belt removal and open frame construction provide a means to quickly clean the system.

The combination of a highly rigid structural design and Anritsu-original signal processing technologies permits high-speed and high-accuracy weighing with a 50% better response and 100% better rejection accuracy than previous Anritsu systems.

Metal Detectors

Anritsu's Duw (Dual Wave) Series Metal Detection Equipment is designed with a significant list of advanced technology to maximize results online and ultimately improve product quality. The Duw series utilizes multiple frequency technology and the industry’s first, and Anritsu exclusive, simultaneous 2-frequency magnetic field detecting method. These technologies are coupled with unique sensing technology such as auto setting algorithm and tracking functions. Software and filtration features provide enhanced and stable sensitivity both to ferrous and non-ferrous metals online and with consistency.  Anritsu offers state-of-the-art detection accuracy along with uncompromised flexibility and ease of use.

An easy-to-use auto-setting function provides the ideal settings for detecting metal contaminants in dry, wet, and aluminum-evaporated film packaged products with high sensitivity and reliability.

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