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NEM manufactures a line of bottle unscramblers for most any application. Plastic bottle unscramblers sort and orient containers from random bulk storage and delivers them in an ordered fashion to the production line. Whether the container is large or small, the line speeds are fast or slow, the product is for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, household products industires, NEM has a container unscrambler to fit the application. Since 1974 New England Machinery has been serving the packaging industry with top of the line equipment to suit its customer’s needs. Dedicated packaging engineers and industry specialists at NEM have brought years of experience together with dedicated professionals to understand the needs of a customer and to offer the best equipment suited to that application.

New England Machinery’s wide range of container unscramblers allows it to fit a specific model unscrambler to a specific need in order to give the customer the best and most cost-effective solution to its unscrambler needs.


New England Machinery also offers a full line of cap sorting and capping systems for a wide variety of applications. The line of capping machines contains in-line and rotary chuck capping, repeatable applied torque, and retorquer models.  NEM can also supply several models with servo motors for real time applied torque data. NEM also manufactures a pump sorter/placer system for sorting, feeding and placing product pumps into filled containers.  The pump tubes are accurately guided into the container. With the  NERPS/NERPP model, it is coupled with an NEM retorquer (sold separately) which completes the final applied torque to the containers and sends them downstream on the customer’s continuous motion conveyor.  The NERPS/NERPC model inserts the pump and tightens it down in the same turret.

From simple single head chuck cappers to servo-drive rotary chuck cappers that supply real-time applied torque to pump sorter/placers, NEM line of capping equipment can handle virtually every capping need a customer may need.


New England Machinery also has a complete line of container orienters offering both in-line and rotary systems. The rotary container orienters are available with sensing mechanisms such as photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, UPC scanners, or vision systems. These systems can handle up to 600 containers per minute. NEM bottle orienters are designed to gently handle your decorated containers.  The linear orienter accommodates packagers that need to orient containers with offset necks or handles during the packaging process. Whether orienting after bulk feeding, capping, or leaving the accumulation table, the linear orienter offers a simple solution to orientation needs.

In addition to unscramblers and cappers NEM also offers a variety of other equipment including both in-line and rotary bottle orienters, pump sorters/placers, lidders, hopper/elevators and other specialty material handling systems.

New England Machinery’s line of in-line and rotary orienters solve a variety of material handling issues for customers looking to reduce labor and production costs involved in having to manually orient containers prior to filling stations, label applicators or case packing systems.

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