Nita Labeling Equipment

Nita Labeling Equipment offers a complete line of automatic pressure sensitive label applicators and labeling equipment designed and optimized for the food industry, health & beauty sectors as well as chemical/household, for trays, boxes, cartons, clamshells, bottles, trigger sprays, jugs, pails and more. Nita is a quality-oriented manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling machines, with engineering, fabrication, assembly and testing all in one facility. Nita labeling machines are completely synchronized; Never move a sensor again, therefore never waste containers, labels or production time. These labelers are (non-maintenance) servo-driven for precision and have absolutely no proproetary parts or electronics, (you are never shackled to manufacturer). Gradient precision scales are on all adjustments with corresponding letters reflected in the setups; A touch screen controller w/ troubleshooting makes the labelers extremely easy to use; distinctively color anodized parts for easy identification.

As a leader in the packaging and industrial labeling industry, NITA Labeling Equipment knows that not all labelers are created equally. NITA manufactures and assembles all of the mechanical components of various label equipment for a wide variety of labeling needs in the fields of food processing, nutriceutical, industrial and the health & beauty industries. NITA offers different labeling solutions for labeling machines, labeling system and label applicators.

NITA’s labeling equipment is developed with performance in mind, as every labeling machines is designed to that specific labeling application and labeling equipment requirements. Whether it’s print and apply labeling, or simply wipe-on labeling applications of pressure sensitive labels, NITA has the labeling solutions to your equipment labeling needs.

Industrial labeling is NITA’s business, and so is label equipment. NITA offers solutions ranging from simple label applicators to complete labeling systems.

The SynerG XP100-Wrap is a high-end, servo-driven labeling system. It provides maintenance-free, wraparound operation for clear and opaque pressure sensitive labels. Simply easy to use, the SynerG XP100-Wrap exemplifies efficiency and accuracy. Setup recipes are given names and recalled from the operator touch screen. Variables such as operating speeds, label length and container length parameters are synchronized and automatically adjusted.

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