Per-Fil Industries

Auger Fillers

PER-FIL Industries provides auger filling equipment that is easy to clean, simple to change-over and flexible to handle a wide variety of products and fill sizes. These fillers are capable of handling powders, granules, pastes, liquids, as well as frozen & processed foods in every situation from a low volume, short run, semi-automatic environment to a fully automatic, high volume production facility. PER-FIL's lines of food grade fillers feature NEMA 4X stainless steel controls for washdown environments, custom tooling for product cut-off/no drip dispensing, and sanitary construction. The versatility of the auger fillers means a customer can fill product into a wide variety of bags, bottles, boxes, cans, cartridges, drums, jars, pouches, syringes, trays, tubes and vials in either a semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. Different auger fillers can dispense any range of fill weights from 10 mg up to 500 lbs. Per-Fil and PSI Packaging Services offer customers the option of fully automatic turnkey automatic filling production line systems including one or more Per-Fil fillers with optional checkweighing, metal detection, bulk handling, capping/plugging, sealing, labeling, coding, and/or any other systems as requested or required by the customer.

Per-Fil Industries line of auger fillers range from the Nano-filler (top) for precision dosing of powders or granules small doses to fully automatic systems included as part of a complete packaging line. The MF-SWC model (bottom) is a servo-micro filler that can be integrated with a weigh cell positioned under the fill nozzle for optimum fill weight control. Precise container handling ensures that the container is isolated on the weigh cell during the fill cycle.

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